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My children miss school, miss their friends, miss their teachers, lost a lot in the last few months. Our State has mandated extremely strict rules for any return to school in the fall. Districts and teachers will have to enforce masks, social distancing and many will continue with at least part time 'At-Home-Learning' to accomodate much smaller classes. Is it worth it? Is this "saving" us from spreading the virus and keeping people from getting sick? Below is research I have found.

Are children super-spreaders of COVID19?

  • Argument for: They must be because thats just how it always is
  • Argument against: Data shows that children are not getting nor spreading often

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Masks Required?

  • Argument for: Masks might prevent the spread.
  • Argument against: Children will touch faces, wear them incorrectly, actually spread viruses MORE with them, restrict full oxygen intake, some children cannot and SHOULD NOT wear them for health reasons.
  • In my personal opinion I see articles if worn right there might be protection from someone coughing/sneezing (so obviously coming from the same basis of COVER YOUR COUGHS), but there is as many good arguments against as well (such as once that mask is wet and infected it is now spreading germs all day!!!!). It seems like it should be optional with more emphasis put on dont send kids to school sick, cover coughs/sneezes and immediately wash hands after, etc.

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Social Distancing for kids?

  • Argument for: Might prevent the spread.
  • Argument against: Mental effects -- Children need to be social, they need to interact, they need hugs and recess and caring to grow up as stable heathy adults.
  • And how will it be enforced? Is my child in re-focus every time she got to close to her classmate? Is my child in tears most of her limited time she will be allowed on campus? Are our poor teachers continually enforcing these rules leaving no time for teaching?

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But is it safe for Teachers and Staff?

  • We want our teachers and staff safe!
  • Argument that it is safe for most: CDC numbers show that for an adult under 50 you are more likely to die from Flu Season than COVID. At risk staff should have the option to stay home but healthy staff who worked thru flu season were more at risk (see super spreaders info above).

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